Visit a pluralist vision for 21st century Israel on a virtual tour of Kibbutz Hannaton with Anat Harrel, a kibbutz member and tour guide. Located midway between Haifa and Lake Kinneret, Hannaton is a communal experiment in pluralistic, egalitarian, and intentional Judaism. Personal Jewish practice ranges from secular to Orthodox. Kibbutz members work in technology, agriculture, wine, and education. Members send their children to religious, secular, and coexistence schools.

How does such a diverse group make decisions? How does this vibrant community thrive economically? And what lessons can we take for ourselves and our community?

Our tour guide, Anat Harrel, can be found at her blog:

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Sponsor: Congregation Beth Emek

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Sun, Jun 14
10:00 am


Sun, Jun 21
10:00 am

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