Don’t know what to dress up as? No problem! We’ll have costume accessories on hand for you to choose from. . .U-PICK-IT!

Don’t like masks? We will have adult make-up artists on hand for face painting your way. . . U-PICK-IT!

Drink Up! No need to worry about fulfilling the mitzvah with our wine tasting. We have you covered. Please your palette with a variety of wines to choose from. . .U-PICK-IT!

Wanna Schmooze? We’ve got ‘Quiet Clubbing’, an immersive experience with headphones that allows dancing without disturbing others with loud music. Have a conversation without yelling. . .U-PICK-IT!

Feel like dancing? We’ve got you covered with AG productions to DJ the night away . . . U-PICK-IT!

What about the Noshes? Of course there’s gonna be noshes.

It’s time to get ready for Purim. Don’t miss this party!

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Sponsor: Beth Chaim Congregation

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